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Andrew J. Offutt (August 16, 1934 - April 30, 2013) was an American science fiction and fantasy author. His normal byline has his name in all lower-case letters.

Offutt began publishing in 1954 with the story "And Gone Tomorrow" in If. Despite this early sale, he doesn't consider his professional life to have begun until he sold the story "Blacksword" to Galaxy in 1959 His first novel was Evil Is Live Spelled Backwards in 1970.

He took twelve pseudonyms, including John Cleve, which were used for pornography.

Offutt published numerous novels and short stories, including many in the Thieves World series edited by Robert Lynn Asprin and Lynn Abbey. He also edited a series of anthologies entitled Swords Against Darkness, which included the first professional sale by Charles de Lint.

His son is the author Chris Offutt.

Conan stories[]

He also wrote a series of books based upon a lesser known character of Robert E. Howard, Cormac mac Art.

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