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For the Valusian character, see Ala (Valusian).

Ala was a young Atlantean woman who belonged to the Sea-Mountain Tribe, the tribe that adopted Kull as a child. She married a Lemurian pirate, a crime punishable by death under tribal law. Her husband (whose name is not given) died during a sea battle between the Atlanteans and the Lemurians, and when his ship was destroyed Ala was washed ashore and captured by her former tribe. When the young Kull saw that she was about to be burned alive by an angry mob, he knew he would be unable to rescue her, and instead granted her a swift and merciful death with a thrown dagger to the heart.[1]

The tribe, enraged that Kull had also broken tribal law and robbed them of their vengeance, turned their anger on him. He escaped with the help of his friend Am-ra and eventually made his way to the kingdom of Valusia, an outcast from his own people.[1]

Ala was the name originally intended for the character by Robert E. Howard [1] but was changed by later editors to Sareeta.[2]


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