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Akiro the wizard of the mounds was Conan's advisor and chronicler.

Conan The Barbarian (1982)[]

Akiro met Conan when he arrived at the mounds and came across his house. After a few threats made on Akiro's behalf, Conan jokingly asked if he could summon demons. Akiro answered with he could and he would "summon a demon more ferocious than all in hell". This amused Conan, causing him to laugh, and Akiro followed suit. That night, Akiro allowed Conan to remain there with him until morning, speaking of the great mounds while they dined. He would then tell the Cimmerian where to find Thulsa Doom's gathering, as well as requested by the warrior to oil the Atlantean Sword and feed his horse while he took a camel and some flowers for Valeria.

Following the rescue of Conan from being crucified on the Tree of Woe, Subotai brought the warrior to Akiro, who aided in restoring the Cimmerian to full strength. He also gave Valeria and Subotai the ways of fighting off the spirits, which attempted to take Conan to the afterlife. Following this, the three warriors set out on their quest to rescue to princess of Zamora from Thulsa Doom. When Valeria had died due to being pierced in the side by a snake shaped into an arrow, courtesy of Doom, Akiro, Conan and Subotai looked on as the fire of the pyre Valeria was put on burned and exploded. The next morning, Akiro aided the two warriors in mounting a defense against Doom and his warriors. He was able to at least kill one of the cultists, decked out in old armor from fallen soldiers. He victoriously cheered as the forces of Doom were defeated and Doom himself retreated.

Conan The Destroyer (1984)[]

Sometime following the fall of Thulsa Doom, Conan once again called upon Akiro, this time as a means of fighting magic with magic, due to the sorcery of Thoth-Amon. They arrived in time to find Akiro about to become food for a group of cannibals, only to be stopped by Conan, who dealt with the cannibals while Malak aided in freeing the wizard. He then traveled with the group and along the way, met with the Darfari warrior known as Zula, whom Conan freed her from her captivity.

Upon arriving at the castle of Thoth-Amon, the group made camp for the next morning, only to find that Princess Jehnna had been kidnapped. Using his powers, Akiro was able to pin point the exact location of the princess and what took her. They took the boat to the castle where they sought a way in and thanks to Akiro's power, he found a way in beneath the water. Akiro followed the adventurers through the underwater caverns making up the castle and helped Malak, who clumsily fell down a couple steps. They managed to make their way to the room surrounded by mirrors with the Heart of Ahriman at its center. The mirror closed behind Conan and Akiro attempted to open it with his own magic, to no avail.

Sometime after both this battle and the one in the forest, Akiro created an ointment for those wounded during the fights. The next morning, they continued on their journey, coming to the temple where the Jeweled Horn of Dagoth remained for years. Once inside, Akiro read the prophecy on the walls and what will happen to Jehnna when she returns home with the treasure. Warning Conan of this, Conan was at first ignorant to it, but later heeded the wizard's words. Upon leaving the crypt, they were met by several armed men, as well as their leader, who was in fact a wizard. Akiro warned of Dagoth's rebirth and what would happen, even if the other wizard did not heed it. The adventurers fought their way back into the crypt, where they managed to close the mouth of a massive statue, only for the wizard to begin forcing it open with his magic. Akiro fought back against the wizard with his own magic, succeeding in blinding the wizard and closing the mouth. Praised by his fellow comrades, they continued to find a way out of the crypt.

Bombaata had left them buried under a ton of rock, which Akiro aided in removing enough for them to get out and back to the surface. It was then that Conan realized everything Taramis told him from the beginning was a lie and that he was going back to stop Jehnna's sacrifice, with the aid of both Zula, Akiro and a reluctant Malak. Once back at Shadizar, Akiro and the others managed to sneak through a way that Malak knew about from one of his relatives, who escaped the prison prior. When the sacrifice was halted by Zula killing the priest via throwing her spear through him. During Conan's battle with Dagoth, he advised the Cimmerian to tear out his horn, which Conan did, but with some difficulty at first. Following this, most of the adventurers were given places within now Queen Jehnna's court, with Akiro being her court advisor.