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The Accursed Gardens is a ruined country estate and pleasure resort located two miles east of the Valusian capital city. Before falling into ruin, this estate belonged to an unnamed nobleman a hundred years before the reign of Kull. At the time, there had been rumors about what occurred there, including lascivious orgies and dark rituals of devil worship. When local children began disappearing with alarming regularity, the nobleman was blamed for this and was killed by an angry mob.[1]

Afterward, certain gruesome discoveries were made on the estate that supported the truth of the rumors. Many of the buildings and walls were demolished by the people, but being made of imperishable marble, others were simply left standing to crumble into decay. The estate was abandoned and became overgrown with wild vegetation. These ruins gained an evil reputation and were said to be haunted.[1]

Later, these Gardens were the site of a battle between Kull, Dalgar, and Brule against Verulian conspirators led by Dondal and Gonda who had plotted to overthrow Kull.[1]


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